The Hidden Job Market Exposed

The Hidden Job Market Exposed

 I was new at this game yet destined and determined to figure out this mystical, person, place or thing referred to as the “hidden job market…” What was this unrivalled whatchamacallit I kept hearing about?  I was told by my industry superiors if I could make good acquaintance with whatchamacallit,  I might just have immediate grant for building the world’s first drive through window for executive jobs..  Wow, Imagine?  I could call it, “Have it your Way Right Away”  Sadly, I’ve learned that only works for hamburgers…   Imagine though; you drive up to the first window, and simply say, I’ll have one 250k job with his and her Beamers on the side please…    Hopefully you find this amusing.   Woefully,  there are many well educated 40 & 50+ executives who are chasing this indefinable, impalpable, inexpressible whatever it is… 

 I  am here today to finally give whatchamacallit a name 

First and foremost, there is in fact a “hidden job market…”  Notice the lower-case letters? It’s not a place; it’s not even a thing…  The hidden job market is really nothing more than an incentive… It doesn’t preexist exist, it can be bought, bartered or sold… 

So, what is it  

You’re not going to like it but here it goes: The hidden job market is like hidden treasure…  It’s like searching for a nugget of gold in a sea of lead sinkers disguised as ruby’s and the like…  The Hidden Job Market is your ability to make a list of every person on the planet who knows your name, raise awareness, polish your passion statement and begin leveraging your brand recognition by way of building an army of advocates —   What does this all mean in layman’s terms?  The more people that know you, and know you are in transition, the sooner you will begin to experience the infallible Hidden Job Market… Sorry folks but there is no other way!  Ill stake my 3 decades getting to know whatchamacallit on it!