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John Seraichyk

John Seraichyk


The Browning Team


Seraichyk is a native Rhode Islander, devoted husband, father of 5 and executive career consultant with 3 decades experience helping men and woman find their next professional career summit.

Mr. Seraichyk’s professional mission has been clearly established with the mandate of providing the highest quality career management/consulting services to his clients while always striving to optimize their success.

Mr. Seraichyk’s aggressive career consulting and advisory strategies have been recognized and retained by thousands of individuals and corporations. John has worked with top executives from all over the world for over 25 years.

Mr. Seraichyk has contributed as an advisory expert to the media on many career search/change related topics, including numerous publications, Websites and television broadcasts. Some of these include:, Providence Journal, Providence Business News, NBC and CBS television affiliates.

Mr. Seraichyk developed P.O.W.E.R. (People Offering Ways to Employment Resources), a former networking group sponsored by the NK Chamber of Commerce, and he also volunteers as a guest lecturer at colleges and universities throughout New England. John also served on the board of directors for the Rhode Island Better Business Bureau.

In addition to his professional career Mr. Seraichyk is a Deacon at Riverpoint Advent Christian Church. He enjoys spending his free time ministering to the homeless, volunteering, and guest speaking at Teen Challenge. Mr. Seraichyk keeps an open door policy offering daily corporate inspirational meetings and intercessory prayer for anyone seeking God’s guidance.

The Day We Invited Jesus in to our business – Please listen to an amazing testimony from our founder –  

It all started circa 2008 with one bible scripture printed on a Christmas card sent to over 7000 people in our business network. We were unsure of their faith and confident there would be much-mixed feedback. My goodness, we were right.

Within 48-72 hours of the Christmas card submission, one of my sales team called to inform me that we had lost at least one contract and possibly as many as three. We also received emails from potential customers inquiring about why we were mixing our religion with our business. Others asked if we would accept them as clients if they were non-Christian. Even Christians questioned our motives. Some snarled, they are trying to leverage the credibility of Christ as a sales mechanism.

In the short term, our revenue plummeted. New client contracts seemed to stop coming in. Within six months, we were struggling to make payroll but had yet to furlough any employees. God was showing us what He meant by “our daily bread,” as quoted from the Lord’s prayer found in Luke 11. We had some weeks where payroll just wasn’t there. However, by Friday afternoon, the revenue always somehow came in.

After six months or more, people in my company had convinced me that our business looked more like a church than an Executive career search consultancy. They warned me sternly that we wouldn’t last if we did not remove Jesus from our business. When I declined, they compromised by saying we could still have the bible scripture and prayers. Yet, they would have to be put in a particular place on the website only for those who wanted to find them. Sadly, I acquiesced. However, approx 3-4 weeks after making the website changes, I instinctually (thank you, Holy Spirit) began putting everything on the website back to the way it was. We were praying more than ever and continued in our faith. We decided if God wanted us to survive, we would. We gave God the reigns, and today our business is striving and thriving like never before. We have zero turn-over in our employee population. We have mandatory prayer daily. There is no drama, no conflict, just harmony, and all we had to do was trust God! Do you trust him today?


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, ”

plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you

hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11